Assessors have been specially selected and trained for the NRA from the membership of the Intergovernmental Committee on AML/CFT.

Assessors are responsible for the conduct of the NRA, which includes:

  • collecting data through on-site visits to various companies and government agencies throughout the Territory
  • analysing of the results of the questionnaires that these companies and agencies are asked to complete before the scheduled on-site visits.
  • drafting sectoral and aggregate reports based on their findings
  • carrying out threat assessments on external factors that impact the Virgin Islands, and;
  • providing prioritized recommendations to the National Risk Assessment Council and National Risk Assessment Steering Group for the development of revised AML/CFT policies for the Virgin Islands.
Independent and Foreign Assessors
In an effort to ensure transparency, independence and enhanced credibility in the NRA process, independent and foreign assessors have been included.  Two independent assessors from within the local community have been selected and trained along with those identified from the various government agencies to assist in the conduct of the NRA.

The two independent private sector assessors are Mrs. Lisa Penn-Lettsome, associate lawyer at Walkers and Mrs. Ayana Liburd, Managing Directorof Alemán, Cordero, Galindo & Lee Trust (BVI) Limited. 

Two foreign assessors have also been engaged as part of the NRA process to participate in key assessment areas and in reviewing the conduct of the NRA.  The two foreign assessors will provide guidance in compiling the NRA report, will review the draft NRA report, and make any recommendations they think necessary in the relation to the conduct of the NRA and the NRA report.