National Risk Assessment Steering Group

The NRASG is the central co-ordinating body for the Virgin Islands’ National Risk Assessment exercise, and has full responsibility for the preparation, conduct and review of the NRA.  The NRASG functions as an executing agency/institution to steer the Territory’s NRA and overall compliance with established standards on combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

NRASG Responsibilities: 

  • preparation of the NRA framework; 
  • preparation, conduct and review of the NRA
  • training and guidance of assessors before and during the conduct of the NRA; 
  • preparation, analysis and finalisation of the NRA report;  
  • taking forward and executing recommendations comprised in the NRA report (with policy guidance from the National Risk Assessment Council); and
  • sensitizing the two government advisory committees - the Joint Anti-money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Advisory Committee (JALTFAC), and the Inter-governmental Committee on AML/CFT (IGC) - on AML/CFT standards and the Territory’s obligations in relation to those standards.

Members of the NRASG:

  • Director, Policy, Research and Statistics, BVI FSC (Chairman)
  • Deputy Managing Director, Regulation, BVI FSC)
  • Ag. Director, Investment Business, BVI FSC) (Deputy Chairman)
  • Deputy Director, Fiduciary Services, BVI FSC)
  • Deputy Director, Policy Research and Statistics, BVI FSC 
  • Director, Finance BVI FSC
  • Director, Financial Investigation Agency
  • Principal Crown Counsel, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Detective Elvis Richards - Financial Crimes Unit, RVIPF

Members have been selected because of their expertise and experience in AML/CFT issues, or the pivotal function they occupy in the AML/CFT architecture of the Territory.