Public Education Committee (PEC)

 The PEC is responsible for sensitizing the public on AML/CFT issues generally and specifically with regard to the conduct of the NRA.  The goal of the PEC is to make the pubic aware of the nature, scope and consequences of money laundering and the financing of terrorism and proliferation thereby enabling them to guard against being used to perpetuate such activities or becoming innocent victims.

To successfully achieve its goal the PEC will engage in various campaigns including publishing literature on the NRA and AML/CFT matters, participating in speaking engagements and using email, social and online media to disseminate information to the public. 

Through its education campaign the PEC hopes to properly arm the public with the knowledge to decipher the triggers or red flags relative to money laundering and the financing of terrorism and proliferation.  In so doing, the public will become more effective partners of law enforcement in its efforts to stem the tide of criminality associated with such activities and ensure greater stability in the community.  

The PEC also hopes to reinforce to the members of the public that the good reputation of the Virgin Islands is fundamental to the growth of business and the funding, expansion and development of social services.

Members of the PEC:

  • Mr. Leon Wheatley (Chairman)
  • Mrs. Carla Hodge
  • Ms. Trevecca Hodge
  • Ms. Vinette Forbes 
  • Ms. Natoya Frett 
  • Ms. Sheynel Smith 
  • Mrs. Nadia James-Harris

Awareness Campaign Focuses On Customer Due Diligence

Wednesday, February 10 - The Public Education Committee (PEC) which forms part of the National Risk Assessment Framework, has partnered with the Elmore Stoutt High School Drama Society to produce an infomercial as part of an awareness campaign to sensitise the public on Customer Due Diligence.
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