NRA Secretariat

 Under the direction of the NRA Steering Group, the NRASG Secretary administers the National Risk Assessment Secretariat, which facilitates requests for all material or other facilities associated with the conduct of the NRA.

 Key Functions of the NRA Secretariat include:

  • ensuring the fulfillment of mandates proposed by the NRASG in order to carry forward the objectives of the NRA;
  • recording, documenting, preparing and maintaining the minutes of each NRASG meeting which serves as a driver in relation to the NRASG’s weekly objectives, and as a measure of progress of the NRASG, and;
  • assisting in the analysis of data col,plected during the NRA exercise;
  • collating relevant data and preparing relevant reports as directed by the NRASG; and
  • preparing research and project work as requested by the NRASG
The Secretariat is comprised of five members, and is equipped with the amenities and resources necessary to facilitate the Assessors and the Members of the NRASG during the course of the NRA.

Members of the NRA Secretariat include:

  • Mrs. Tracy Russ (NRASG Secretary)
  • Ms. Aamira Williams
  • Ms. Renee Manning
  • Ms. Aribella Parsons
  • Mr. Joseph Archibald-Bowers
The Secretariat is open between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm daily from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays and may be contacted at, or 284-852-4750